T-Shirt Questions

At several key transition points in everyones life, they wish they had a T-shirt that answered all those repetitive, prying questions from relatives and family friends. During my college search, I almost tattooed “Early Decision to Barnard College. It’s in New York City. I’ll let  you know in December. Probably Spanish” on my forehead. So now, as I move from college into the “grown up” working world, here is the T-shirt I wish I could wear to the family reunion:

A: Avigail

A: Barnard College, c/o 2009

A: B.A. in Spanish and Latin American Studies

A: Who knows what the future holds! I will be spending this coming year as the Administrative Assistant to three faculty members at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, who study how to reduce health disparities in cancer treatment and control.

A: Well, five years from now, I’d like to find myself still committed to reducing health disparities. After spending six months conducting street intercept surveys in Queens–hearing from men and women reluctant to get cancer screenings for fear of finding something they couldn’t afford to treat–I know that there exists a need for passionate individuals who want to help reshape the way Americans access healthcare. Eventually, I’d like to manage a health-focused non-profit organization, so we’ll see if I end up in a MPH/MPA program within the next few years. But, knowing me, no one would be surprised if I ended up with Ph.D. in History…


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